Yoga has completely changed the way I watched my television shows this week…. 

For starters, I LOVE watching TV. Love it, but I don’t get to enjoy its warm glow as much as I used to. When I was younger it was always on. Some of my favorite childhood memories included the tv on in the background. I remember racing home from school to get the good spot on my grandmothers bed to watch the Animaniacs or Bonkers with my brother. I remember jumping on the bed and dancing during “Under the Sea” in The Little Mermaid. Those were the days….

Now, with my daughter, (who I call) Jub being 6 I watch A TON of Sponge Bob, Justin Time, The Loud House and whatever else catches her eye. I can’t lie, I love these shows too. Especially Justin Time.

When Josephine was in her first few weeks of life I got reacquainted with my best friend (the TV) again. I binge watched a ton of Netflix, most importantly, 30 Rock. That show was amazing. But, when I was all out of shows that interested me I went to my friends to see what they were watching. One friend suggested This is Us. I was a few episodes behind but catching up was no problem. I was blown away…as was the rest of the world.

The Season Finale aired on Tuesday night (3/14/2017) I rushed putting Jub to sleep grabbed my crying baby and plopped myself down, 3 minutes late. Oh, the horror. When I turned the TV on and tried to talk into the remote to change the channel (technology is wild) nothing was happening. I frantically tried to push the “Channel up or down” button like the old fashion days but that did work either. I had to do the unthinkable. I had to reset the box. I was upset but kept my cool as box updated and reloaded. I practiced breathing into my belly to stay calm.

When the TV decided to work again it was easy to catch up. I got lost in the show. Got lost in the love story of Rebecca and Jack. All the feel good feelings came rushing into my heart chakra. Still, after every drink that Jack took I couldn’t help but think, is this it….

Week after week This is Us has pulled on my heart strings; leaving me on the edge of my seat. It has made me smile, laugh wonder, even cry! I am not a crier…but that episode when William passes and the following one when he had mailed a post card to Beth, I lost it. Sobbed. So, for those of you who have never experienced this show, this is how the majority of the viewers feel during an episode. We feel intense feelings. However, this particular episode of This is Us didn’t leave the majority of viewers feeling those feelings. Most viewers were waiting to see how Jack, the father, dies…I mean thats how the producers, directors, advertisers and marketers set this episode up! We were going to find out how Jack died. Well…we didn’t. So, fine. If we were not going to find out how Jack dies then something else big would happen. We would feel big feelings elsewhere right? Wrong again! What a let down right?…For some…

I turned to the interwebs as I always do to see what people were thinking. I was amazed to see all of the negative comments. Boring”, “Worst Episode”, “Disappointed” , “A let down”… how could these people think these things?? and then it hit me. Or, at least my theory.

Viewers have been put on such an emotional roller coaster this entire season that we waiting at every turn, before and after every commercial break to see something big happen. To see how Jack dies or if Rebecca cheats on him…ANYTHING! when an episode that airs, especially as a season finale the general public was…a little disappointed.

But, I know what you’re thinking…what the hell does this have to do with Yoga?

Here it is, Aparigraha Patanjali’s last Yama. That Yama of non-attachment. If we were to watch this episode not attached to the outcome of finding out how Jack dies or waiting for a huge outcome we could maybe have enjoyed it. Or, at least not be as angry when It was over. This Yama can take a huge weight off your chest when it comes to getting involved with TV shows like this and The Walking Dead, another favorite.

Aparigraha plays such a big role in the Yogi lifestyle and is huge when it comes to lowering stress. When one is no longer attached to things or outcomes they are able to enjoy were they are, to be present and to take it all in. Not having attachment to outcomes or expectations can really lighten your load. Especially when those outcomes are out of your hands….like the season finale of your favorite show.

It has been a small victory for me to be able to enjoy this show with non attachment. Still a work in progress taking this Yama to other parts of my life.